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July 29, 2023

Using the GSS2018 dataset, what is the proper graph (scatterplot, histogram, bar chart)-make sure to provide it, and report what you think is the correct measure of central tendenc

  Using data visualization to better determine which measures of central tendency and spread you should use. Using the STATES10 data set: 1. Generate measures of central tendency and spread. Report the measures of central tendency and spread, and provide a scatterplot for the following variables.  If using SPSS, provide […]
July 29, 2023

Provide the proper graph (Histogram, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot) –submit the output and you need to identify which graph you should use (word document) along with a description of wh

  For this first exercise, go to the General Social Survey (GSS) website and download the 1980 data set for SPSS. This is the only dataset not uploaded for you.  I want to see if can find it yourself.  Let me know if you have difficulties.   Answer the following: […]
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